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Does Leaflet Distribution Work? The Honest Answer

Does leaflet distribution work? A Phones-For-You style salesperson would say yes! Of course! It works for everybody, now, hand over your money. In reality, flyer or leaflet distribution doesn’t work for everyone. Instead, it’s a niche market that benefits a small number of sectors and organisations.

Does Leaflet Distribution Work For All Businesses?

This article will help you quickly identify if a print and distribution campaign is right for your particular business. With over nine years of experience here in Derby & Nottingham, we’ve identified an obvious pattern.

Who Uses This Form of Marketing?

The clients that return to use leaflet marketing the most are as follows:

  • Political Parties
  • Councils
  • Planning Permission Companies
  • Estate Agents
  • Broadband Companies
  • Nurseries & Schools
  • Gyms & Fitness Clubs
  • Takeaways (Pizza menus do exceptionally well)
  • Beauty & Hair Salons
  • Pharmacies (home delivery service)

Additionally, not quite as frequently, but still multiple times per year:

  • Private Dentists
  • Restaurants
  • Cleaners
  • At-home care services
  • Vets
  • Entertainment / Events
  • Home Improvements
  • Recruitment Agencies

As you can see, it’s a concise and specific market that will benefit from door drops. In addition to the above list, several best practices need to be followed for each campaign to bring in a decent response.

These include the look and feel of your flyer. Is it designed professionally and printed on a decent-quality paper stock? Has it been designed for purpose? For example, does it follow the current best practices that will increase your response rates?

How to Give Your Campaign The Best Chance of Success

Following a few crucial trends and standards will quickly and easily ramp up your response rates.

Always work with a professional. Additionally, if you’ve put your artwork together yourself, it’s best to run it by a graphic designer or distribution company before sending it off to print.

  • Professional Design
  • Strong Headline
  • A Deal or Offer
  • Call to Action
  • High-Quality Photography or Illustration
  • Printed on a Decent Paper Stock
  • Social Proof & Link to Website
  • Distributed by a Professional & Reputable Company

How Many Responses Do You Need?

One thing to consider when planning your distribution campaign; how many customers, clients, or sales do you need to acquire to make it pay?

Our clients here in Derby & Nottingham often only need one or two conversions to make a profit. This makes it a lot more achievable. For example, an estate agent we work with recently gained three new properties from a 5k drop. This, as you can imagine, they were more than happy with.

On the other hand, a pizza takeaway would need many more sales to make it pay. This is something they never usually struggle with. Who doesn’t like pizza?

So when asking the question, does leaflet distribution work? It depends on what your business offers. Furthermore, the planning and carrying out of your campaign must be completed accurately.

Does Leaflet Distribution Work – Summary

This article outlined the main businesses that bring in decent results from leaflet distribution. If you’re unsure if a delivery campaign would suit your particular business, it’s best to seek out some professional advice first.

Furthermore, following tried and tested practices aimed specifically at increasing your response rates will increase your chances of success.

Does Leaflet Distribution Work?

The honest answer is not for everybody. Businesses such as estate agents, gyms, pharmacies and takeaways constantly benefit from leaflet printing and distribution campaigns.

Those that bring in results, follow a direct and proven method that consistently delivers enquiries. This includes a deal, offer or voucher, bold headline and call to action as well as professional artwork and premium quality print.

The old-school, traditional form of marketing brings in results for a small and specific group of business types. Again, it’s not going to work for every sector.

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