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How Long Do 1000 Leaflets Take to Deliver?

Exactly how long do 1000 leaflets take to deliver? As with most questions of this sort, it can depend on several variables. This quick read will give you a rough idea of how long you’ll need to be pounding the streets. I’ll also explain the approximate number of miles you’d cover.

Not as easy as it seems? – How long do 1000 leaflets take to deliver? Here’s how much time you’ll need to set aside.

For this article, we’re focussing on residential leaflet distribution, rather than handing out flyers in the city centre.

Maybe you’re considering printing and distributing a cheeky thousand leaflets or flyers yourself? Or, possibly wondering why companies like Clearcut Derby and the Royal Mail charge what they do.

It all boils down to time and effort. Here in Derby and Burton-on-Trent, we’ve been delivering flyers for over nine years. This information is based on average times in different area types. For example, new housing estates, terraced houses etc.

Items to consider before delivering leaflets or flyers

  • This work is not easy. It takes a long time and can be exhausting.
  • Delivering 1000 flyers or leaflets all in one go can be a bit too much at first. Maybe try 500 at a time to start with.
  • Be prepared for the great British weather.
  • Beware of the dogs! I’ve had three or four of the team in hospital over the years.
  • The average distribution size here in Derby is currently 8 thousand. So more often than not, delivering a single thousand won’t be enough to get a decent response.

How long do 1000 leaflets take to deliver?

As mentioned above, this for of leaflet marketing will depend on a couple of things:

  • The type of properties you’re delivering to.
  • How fast you walk (these times are based on walking pretty quickly).

1000 Terraced houses – 3.5 hours & approximately 6 miles.

Leaflet distribution heaven. You can fly through these properties in no time.

1000 New housing estate properties – 6 to 7 hours & approximately 12 to 14 miles.

New housing estates tend to cram the properties in, meaning a quicker delivery route.

1000 Older housing estate properties – 7 to 8 hours & approximately 14 to 16 miles.

These areas usually include bigger properties with more extensive gardens and driveways.

1000 Remote village properties – 8 hours + & approximately 16 to 20 miles.

Places like the peak district here in Derbyshire take the longest time. It’s hilly and very spread out.

On average:

How long do 1000 leaflets take to deliver?

Six to seven hours on average, keeping in mind that the team and I walk extremely fast. The time it takes will depend on:

1. How fast you walk
2. The types of properties you’re delivering to
3. How experienced you are with leaflet distribution
4. How well you know the area (the less you need to look at the map, the quicker you’ll finish)

Referring back to the average distribution number of eight thousand here in Derby and Nottingham, based on the average time, that’s between 48 and 56 hours. Again, this is walking fast, therefore the hours will increase at a slower pace. Yikes!

Yes, flyer and leaflet distribution works well for many businesses; however, due to the time it takes, this is why they’d usually hire a company like Clearcut Derby.

Another key point is what a distribution company is charging. Is it enough to pay their staff the national living wage (as a minimum) for the above amount of hours and still make a profit? If not, alarm bells should be ringing.

If you’re up for testing the waters yourself first, this article will have certainly given you a good idea of the time to set aside and the miles you’ll cover.

How long do 1000 leaflets take to deliver? Conclusion

This form of marketing is time-consuming, tiring and can, of course, be a little boring. Keep this in mind when considering delivering your flyers or leaflets.

Additionally and from previous experience, I’d say that some people love it, while others absolutely loathe it. If it’s not for you, but you know it would benefit your business or organisation, you know where we are.

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Thanks for reading!

Mike Hindle – Founder & Owner
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