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Leaflet Distribution Plans – Shared Vs Solus

Leaflet distribution plans are available here in the UK with three options. This quick read outlines your choices, as well as looking at the pros and cons of each one.

You’ll gain a complete understanding of what the following terms mean and be able to quickly identify the best choice for your next print marketing campaign:

The differences between leaflet distribution plans and how to choose the right one for your business.

Shared Distribution

  • Not offered at Clearcut Derby

First, a shared plan is when your flyer goes out with several other leaflets. Additionally, it’s often hidden inside a pizza menu. Sound familiar?

A shared delivery is usually your cheapest option if you’re working with an independent leaflet distribution company. Basically, it’s the lowest cost because it brings in the lowest response rates.

If you’re working with the Royal Mail, they’ll charge a similar amount to what an independent distributor would charge for souls or solus+1.

With shared leaflet distribution plans, you’re essentially sharing the limelight. As a result, too many messages are shown to your audience simultaneously. Information overload.

It can be a cheaper option depending on who you’re working with.

The absolute lowest response rates. Often your flyer or leaflet won’t be seen at all (hidden inside a menu)—less control over the area you want the flyers to be delivered to.

Solus+1 Distribution

  • Offered at Clearcut Derby

Here in Derby and Nottingham, solus+1 plans are a perfect happy medium for most of our clients. Your flyer or leaflet is delivered with a maximum of one other.

Two flyers are the maximum that should ever be delivered together simultaneously. It keeps the focus on both messages and brings in a similar response rate to a solus plan.

Bonus – if two jobs don’t cross over in the same area simultaneously, you get solus distribution at no extra cost.

Cheaper than paying for full solus while maintaining a healthy response rate.

More expensive than a shared plan. Not suitable for campaigns that need the flyer or leaflet delivered on its own.

Solus Distribution

  • Offered at Clearcut Derby

Solus plans are when your flyer or leaflet is delivered exclusively on its own. Zero distractions, the highest response rates and the best way to get the maximum number of eyes on your message.

It’s the most expensive option of the three plans. For this reason, it’s usually reserved for those with bigger budgets or campaigns that need to be delivered independently.

Another key point, approximately 10 to 15% of Clearcut Derby clients will upgrade to this plan. Not a huge demand, but it’s there for those who need it.

As mentioned above, the solus+1 option is usually the most suitable of all three leaflet distribution plans.

No other distractions. Maximum awareness and responses.

The most expensive option.

Leaflet Distribution Plans – Conclusion

Awareness of your options with leaflet marketing and how they affect your response rates is vital here. Additionally, the cheapest quote or product is rarely the best choice in any industry. With distribution, however, it’s crucial to realise why it’s so cheap; because the response rates will range from very low to zero.

Plan your campaign around responses. Work with an expert and never accept your materials being hidden inside a menu or leaflet.

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