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Leaflet Distribution Response: 3 Ways to Measure

Easily measure your leaflet distribution response rate by adding one of the following techniques to your flyer. Knowing how to track your results is unquestionably vital when planning a print marketing campaign.

Why Measuring Your Leaflet Distribution Response is Important & How to Effectively Track Your Results

One of the most common leaflet distribution mistakes we see here in Derby and Burton-on-Trent is having no way of tracking your responses. Without this, a considerable amount of money is usually invested without knowing if it’s actually producing any results.

With this in mind, how can you effectively measure the success of your flyer or leaflet marketing? Thankfully, there are a few easy tweaks you can apply to your artwork. These are all commonly used within the print marketing world. Tried, tested and ready for you to put into use. Let’s get into it.

1. A Deal or Offer That Comes With The Flyer

The most popular way to track your leaflet distribution response is by adding a deal that comes with the flyer. Usually, this is along the lines of ‘mention flyer for 25% discount’ or ‘add code Summer Flyer’ at checkout.

Additionally, for certain businesses, ‘bring flyer for [insert offer here]’ works a treat. This does especially well for pubs, restaurants, shops and events.

Customer Success Story: One of the highest responses from this form of tracking was for a pub. They advertised a free drink with the flyer, which obviously got plenty of folks through the door. Most then stayed for further food and drinks. Winner!

Be sure to then track the number of responses you get. This can be done digitally by tracking your discount codes if you’re a product-based business. However, if you’re a service or entertainment-based business, a spreadsheet will usually be your best bet. If your call to action was for the recipient to bring the flyer to you, then simply collect each one that’s handed in and count the total.

2. QR Codes With a Custom Landing Page

Next up, a QR code that directs the recipient of your flyer to a specific landing page on your website. The landing page is crucial for this one to work effectively, as you can then track the visitors to that specific page, meaning you can keep tabs on your leaflet distribution response.

Slightly more technical, but if you’re a dab hand with your website you can easily implement this method. You’d basically set up a specific page that the QR code leads to, then track the number of visitors to that page via your website analytics.

Additionally, you can take it a step further and use a current website page with added UTM parameters. Way more advanced and also a technique I’ve not used myself as yet. However, the general QR code advice online seems to suggest this way if you’re using Google Analytics.

If all of that leaves you feeling a little discombobulated, simply add a QR code and measure any spikes in traffic throughout and after your leaflet distribution campaign.

3. Include a Form

Last but by no means least, consider adding a form to your flyer or leaflet. In a similar vein to offering a deal with your flyer, this prompts folks to hand the form back to you. This technique is currently being used effectively by one of our taxi company clients.

Again, collect the completed forms and count them up to gauge the response to your campaign. Depending on your wording (or possibly a tick box) you may even be able to add your customer’s details to a database ready to market to in the future.

VAT Implications

Did you know that flyer and leaflet printing should nearly always be VAT-exempt? Bonus! However, there are few exceptions to the rule and unfortunately, this includes two of the three options above.

What you need to know:
• VAT is applicable if the flyer is designed to be traded in return for a deal or offer (number one).
• VAT is applicable if the flyer is designed to be written on (number three).

If you’re a VAT registered business then this won’t cause any issues. If not, it’s worth considering that this will bump up the price of printing your flyers or leaflets.

Measuring Your Leaflet Distribution Response – Conclusion

Keeping tabs on your leaflet distribution response is the easiest way to see if it’s actually working. Applying one of the three above steps to your flyer will make tracking and measuring your results a breeze.

Never leave it to chance. Print and distribution campaigns rely on large numbers going out, and measuring your numbers coming in. This form of marketing is undeniably old school. It still works, yet you need to know exactly what business it’s bringing you.

To recap, any one of the following methods will allow you to track your campaign results:

A deal or offer that comes with the flyer.
QR Codes.
Include a Form.

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