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Leaflet Distribution Trends 2022 & Tips For 2023

This year’s leaflet distribution trends have been pleasantly surprising. Once again, the old-school form of marketing shows no signs of slowing down. For those who get it right, it’s the perfect accompaniment to online advertising.

Another year, another flurry of distribution campaigns to learn from. So here’s what’s been popular and shared best practices to use in 2023.

Many of our clients here in Derby and Nottingham claim that most of their enquiries are from their flyers or leaflet. So it’s ultimately outperforming digital in many instances.

Average distribution size 2022 – 8.6 thousand (up from 7.6 thousand in 2021).

Average distribution numbers are up for the first time in a few years. This is a good indication that businesses are recovering from the pandemic.

So, as always, throughout the year, we’ve been taking note – finding out what’s working in the world of leaflet marketing and how to increase those all-important response rates.

The top five trends are as follows:

1. Estate Agents Are Back

Back when we first set up shop in 2014, estate agents were consistently our primary client base. This lasted for around three or four years, then tailed off reasonably rapidly.

In 2022, they were back at the top spot. Estate agents do notoriously well with leaflet distribution. This is reflected in their repeat drops and strategic planning.

Now is evidently a good time to advertise your property or agent services via door drops.

2. Heavyweight Paper Stocks

Leaflet distribution trends that value quality are always welcome. One of the worst scenarios we often encounter is when clients have printed their flyers on the cheapest stock possible.

Aside from these sorts of materials looking and feeling cheap, they don’t go through the letterboxes without getting crumpled.

Flipping that well and truly on its head is the other end of the paper weight (gsm) scale. Leaflet printing with a heavier stock makes for an instant premium feel.

While our standard 170gsm stock remained a popular option this year, 250gsm, 350gsm and even 450gsm are all being used to demonstrate a level of class and luxury.

3. QR Codes

These handly little codes that viewers can scan on their mobile are nothing new. However, they’ve become much more prevalent on flyers and leaflets this year.

The main benefit here is time and accuracy. Need to get the recipient of the flyer to an exact web page? A QR code could well be the answer.

Furthermore, set up an entire landing page, and you can easily track the response rates via your website analytics.

QR codes bring print and digital together effortlessly.

4. Less is More

A continued trend that’s worked from day one. Trying to communicate a little too much with your flyer or leaflet is always tempting. But unfortunately, this can work against your response rates.

The less is more approach favours professional graphic design with one simple, clear message: visual artwork minus any distractions.

Make sure it looks good, shows what’s on offer (in milliseconds), and clearly explains what to do next.

5. Social Proof

Social proof is one of the most important leaflet distribution trends of recent years. What it is? Well, it started in digital marketing, showcasing your trust and experience.

How? By sharing what people are saying about you. Your reviews, testimonials, and images of customers with or using your products. Anything that demonstrates folks like what you do.

Furthermore, this can now also be used on your flyer or leaflet. Most commonly, you’d put your Google or Facebook rating. Additionally, you could include snippets of testimonials.

Reviews are everything. Make sure they’re in place for the public to see, then shout about it on your flyer.

2022 was another busy year with plenty to learn. Trends will come and go, but observing what’s happening and, more importantly, what’s working right now, puts you in a favourable position.

This year’s biggest leaflet distribution trends and areas to take into 2023 are:

  1. Estate Agents Are Back
  2. Heavyweight Paper Stocks
  3. QR Codes
  4. Less is More
  5. Social Proof
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