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Leaflet Marketing Tips – What Matters in 2024

For certain business sectors, print and distribution will remain a staple source of new customers in 2024. However, times are rapidly changing. In a primarily digital world, here are seven leaflet marketing tips to sustain a healthy response from your next campaign.

Leaflet Marketing Tips With a Digital Twist

Plenty of articles here on the blog list all of the best practices for a successful leaflet distribution campaign. For example, professional artwork, a deal or offer, premium quality print, etc.

For audiences of 2024, let’s focus on what potential clients or customers expect from you and your business. A flyer or leaflet ultimately acts as the first point of contact. It’s a) a vital few milliseconds to make the right impression and b) the opportunity for the viewer to look you up online.

Leaflet distribution, or what is sometimes referred to as traditional marketing needs to be backed up by your online presence.

Furthermore, your digital appearance and reputation will usually be the final deciding factor for your prospect. It’s no longer acceptable not to have a website. Additionally, although we all have to start somewhere, a lack of reviews won’t portray a huge amount of trust.

Instead of another list of the best design and print techniques, this article will focus on how everything links together. Your business, how it comes across and most importantly, the impression folks get when they transition from your flyer to your website.

Let’s get into it…

7 Leaflet Marketing Tips for 2024

1. Start at The Foundations

Even though leaflet distribution works, its initial goal is for potential customers to get to know who you are and what you stand for. Before your flyers go through any letterboxes, have you laid out a solid set of foundations?

At the most basic level, these would include:

  • A professional logo
  • A set of brand colours
  • Brand fonts
  • A clear mission and USP
  • A website
  • A Google Business Profile listing
  • Other online business listings (Bing, Yell, etc.)

None of the above needs to be perfect to start with. They do, however, all need to be in place as a base to build your business upon. Additionally, folks will expect to be able to find out more about you online once they’ve received your leaflet.

Generally speaking, paying for a print and distribution campaign without all of the right foundations won’t work. It’s especially important to have a website and digital presence that people can view. More on this in step 3.

2. A Strong Emphasis on Social Proof

Of all the leaflet marketing tips on this list, social proof is currently one of the most important aspects to get right. This is going to significantly ramp up your response rates, as well as bring in long-term, repeat business.

To gain trust so that potential customers are confident buying from you, they want to see what people think of you. Therefore, displaying your reviews, ratings, awards and accreditations helps demonstrate your reputation.

As a result, social proof is present on nearly every print and distribution campaign we work on here in Derby and Nottingham. Consider displaying part of a review along with the star rating. In addition, always make sure the viewer can read the rest of your reviews online.

3. Work on Your Digital Presence

Another key point, and the general theme of this year’s article, is building your online presence. But why on earth is this listed in a post about leaflet marketing tips? Well, it’s actually highly connected.

To demonstrate; someone receives your flyer. Maybe they’ve never heard of you before. It’s unlikely that they’d call you without looking you up online first. If they rock up to crickets, you’ve then lost a customer.

Your marketing across print and digital platforms should be seamless. I’ll cover consistency in more detail in step 5. For now, however, consider working on the following:

  • Your website appearance and usability
  • Local SEO
  • Your online reviews
  • Actively growing your social media pages
  • Maintaining your online business listings (Google, Yell, Yelp etc)

4. Linking Your Leaflet to Your Website

Another extremely important step on this list; directing the viewer to a website. As an absolute minimum, include your website address on your flyer. Being that it takes time and effort to type all of that in, most campaigns make use of the trusty QR code.

Moreover, transitioning the viewer from your flyer to your website provides two benefits. Firstly, they can find out more about you, explore all of your products and services and start to form an opinion. Secondly, they’ve opened up several ways in which they can now contact or follow you.

Ensure your website has a visible phone number, email address, contact form and links to your social media pages. Additionally, depending on what your business offers, you may benefit from a live chat function.

5. Brand Consistency

Brand consistency means you look and sound the same across every marketing channel. Your flyers, leaflets, website, social media pages and any other communication platforms should all look the same.

Although I touched briefly on this in step one, the areas to focus on are:

  • Your brand colours – Use them religiously and always the exact same colour palette.
  • Your brand fonts – One heading font and one paragraph font, used across everything.
  • Your tone of voice – Fun or serious? Whatever the personality of your business, ensure it’s present across your print and digital marketing.
  • Images or illustrations – Try and keep your visuals consistent. For example, use the same set of illustrations of photos on your flyer as your website and social media posts.

One of my absolute favourite leaflet marketing tips isn’t directly about print. However, your marketing in general is usually part of a wider business strategy. Keeping up-to-date with current trends will fuel your ideas across all of your advertising.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here, but find what works for you and your business. Books, tutorials, talks, presentations, podcasts and conferences are all available at our fingertips.

I’m a huge fan of gaining insight and ideas from YouTube and podcasts. A few personal favourites that come highly recommended:

The Small Business Sessions
This is Small Business
Social Media Marketing
The Creative Boom Podcast

Additionally, The Marketing Meetup and The Futur both provide endless value. Absorbing this sort of knowledge will benefit all aspects of your business, including, of course, your leaflet marketing.

7. Customer Experience

Lastly, with all of the above steps in place, it’s time to focus on your customer experience. This is ultimately the point where a customer will decide if they’re going to shop with you again or not. Therefore, it’s crucial to get this one right.

Oftentimes, in my own business, new customers will rise and fall. Riding this wave becomes a whole lot easier when their experience has been positive. Thus meaning, they’d happily work with you again.

When your flyer or leaflet brings in a new customer, we need to think long-term. Although my process is far from perfect, over the last nine years I’ve figured out what clients value:

  • Fast, clear and concise communication. Don’t keep them waiting.
  • An easy transaction. Make paying as quick and hassle-free as possible.
  • Tips and insights that will benefit your customer and/or their business.
  • A website that’s easy to navigate. Can the user quickly find what they’re looking for?
  • Continually work on being the best at what you do.
  • Deliver what you promised, and then some.


In 2024, leaflet distribution isn’t enough on its own. We’ve reached the point where potential customers will expect to be able to look you up online. It doesn’t need to be perfect to start with, but a digital presence is 100% essential.

Additionally, it’s important to realise that your flyer or leaflets are just one piece of the puzzle. An initial point of contact that should usually result in the recipient transitioning to your website. Once they arrive, there’s huge potential in terms of keeping in touch.

If they don’t buy from you straight away, play the long game. Maybe they sign up to your newsletter or follow you on social media. Warm leads waiting to hear from you as a result of your print and distribution campaign. Happy days!

The seven leaflet marketing tips to focus your attention on in 2024 are:

1. Start at The Foundations
2. A Strong Emphasis on Social Proof
3. Work on Your Digital Presence
4. Linking Your Leaflet to Your Website
5. Brand Consistency
6. Business, Creativity & Marketing Trends
7. Customer Experience

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Thanks for reading!

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