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Ayup! My name’s Mike Hindle. I’m a sustainable web designer and the founder of Clearcut Derby and Leaflet Lion. We’re a small (yet mighty) leaflet printing and distribution team celebrating ten years in business this year.

2014 – Set up Clearcut Leaflet Distribution
2018 – Set up Clearcut Print Studio
2020 – Combined the two as Clearcut Derby
2024 – Set up Leaflet Lion

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About our journey…

Where it all started 10 years ago

Back in May 2014, what was then known as Clearcut Leaflet Distribution was our version of we have no idea what we’re doing, let’s go for it.

Our first logo still gives me nightmares to this day. The company was initially set up with my good friend, Geoff, who had some limited business experience, while I’d previously worked a second job as a distributor.

We were both working full-time during the days, building Clearcut up on our evenings and days off.

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Then we found our feet (a little too quickly)

We’d started getting busy and the positive feedback was rolling in. So then, in August 2018 we also set up a separate graphic design and commercial print business named Clearcut Print Studio.

At this time, I was still very much learning as I go. This business failed pretty epically, yet provided a couple of useful lessons to take forward.

Don’t overcomplicate things and focus on being better, rather than bigger. We’re almost on the right path.

Figuring it out with Clearcut Derby

In September 2020, Clearcut Derby brought both businesses together. A new focus that primarily sticks to our distribution roots, with added flyer and leaflet printing services.

Our website is powered entirely by green, renewable energy. We only print on 100% sustainable paper stocks, and together with our other businesses, we plant 144 trees every year.

Furthermore, we’re a Stripe Climate member; we donate 1% of our turnover towards funding the next generation of carbon removal.

Geoff’s now working on a separate entrepreneurial venture, meaning the business now consists of myself and six legendary distributors.

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About 2024

This year, to celebrate ten years in business, we’ve branched out into Nottingham with a completely fresh brand, Leaflet Lion. Although we’ve always covered our neighbouring city, Leaflet Lion is a fully dedicated website, office and team for the good people of Nottingham and Mansfield.