Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions for Clearcut Derby. Our website address is clearcutderby.uk. We last updated this page on 14/03/2024.

Distribution Terms:

GPS Tracking

Full GPS tracking is carried on out every route of every job. This is completed by each individual distributor as they cover your area in Derby or Burton.

The files are then compiled in a Google Drive folder and sent to yourself upon completion. Should any technical gremlins rock up to play, leading to the tracking not working as it should, we’ll provide a refund for the untracked area.

Collecting Your Leaflets

If you’ve had the leaflet printed yourself, we’ll gladly collect these from you. All distribution jobs include free collection. The flyers must be based locally (Derby or Burton).

The flyers may need to be sent to us if they’re outside of these areas. We’ll discuss and arrange this before your job is due to start.

Restrictions & Additional Charges

The standard pricing per thousand listed on our website (£90 for solus+1 flexible areas, £110 for solus+1 specified areas and £140 for souls specified areas) is based on:

  • The main residential areas of Derby or Burton-on-Trent
  • A maximum flyer size of A5 or leaflet size of A4 folded to A4
  • Up to a 300gsm paper stock

Areas outside of the main city borders and heavier materials such as multi-page booklets will incur additional charges.

Additionally, if you require a faster turnaround than our standard two weeks, this is charged at between 50% and 100% extra depending on how quickly you need it completed.

Areas Are to The Nearest 1000 Properties

We work on thousands, meaning if the total house count for an area is 6215 properties, we’d distribute and charge for 6000. Additionally, if the house count is 912 properties, we’d charge for 1000.

Solus & Solus+1 plans Only

Solus+1 – A maximum of two flyers delivered together at any one time.

Solus – One flyer delivered entirely on its own.

Properties we Don’t Deliver to

Although we blanket cover the agreed area, there are some properties that we don’t deliver to:

  • No junk mail signs or anything with similar wording
  • Businesses or commercial properties
  • Dogs running free or beware of the dog signs
  • Student halls of residence
  • Properties that have blocked the view of their front door (high fences and gates)
  • Secluded properties or long driveways without being able to see the property
  • Properties that have a front door in their back garden
  • Flats or apartments, unless the postboxes are on the outside
  • Residential schemes or sheltered housing

Additionally, if a property is receiving a delivery or is undergoing building work, it may be excluded.

Payment Terms

Full payment is due before any printing or distribution jobs. This is standard practice with any distribution business including the Royal Mail.

How Long Does it Take?

Each job is on a two-week turnaround as standard with any of the specified area plans. The lower-cost flexible area plan is on a four-week turnaround.

Larger jobs may require a longer turnaround. Furthermore, if a job runs over the agreed deadline, we’ll provide a refund for the outstanding quantity.

Print Terms

Delivery Dates

Estimated delivery dates – Although they nearly always arrive on the estimated date, this can vary depending on the courier.

By all means, drop us a call or email to see when we can get your materials to you, but it’s important to realise that ordering in plenty of time is advisable.

100% Sustainable Paper Stocks

Clearcut Derby only ever print on 100% sustainable paper stocks. This means your

By all means, drop us a call or email to see when we can get your materials to you, but it’s important to realise that ordering in plenty of time is advisable.

Damages and Returns

If your items have become damaged during delivery, we’ll arrange a replacement for you. Drop us an email with a few photos and we’ll take it from there.